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There have been new advances in recent years in our understanding of headache including migraine. There have been significant developments not only in the symptomatic treatment of headaches, but also in approaches to headache prevention. So, for most headache sufferers, it really is no longer necessary for you to continue to let headaches run your life!

National Headache Foundation

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The common risk factors for stroke include High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, and Smoking. We offer stroke risk assessment that helps to identify your risk of having a stroke with an emphasis on modifiable risk factors. There are then treatment programs available to modify and control these and other risk factors reducing your risk of stroke. There are also new treatment programs available for those patients who have had a stroke and are then at risk for another stroke. And, for those who have had a stroke, there are rehabilitation services available to help make recovery easier.

The National Stroke Association



The older generation increasingly faces the prospects of memory loss and possibly even Alzheimer’s. We offer diagnostic testing to help distinguish between the memory loss of normal aging and early Alzheimer’s Disease. And, in addition, we utilize laboratory studies and Head CT or MRI scans to identify other types of organic dementia. There are then treatments available to slow the progress of the memory loss and to improve concentration and function.

Alzheimer Association



We evaluate patients for Parkinson’s, "vascular" Parkinson’s, and other movement disorders. And we have available custom tailored treatment programs utilizing the most current therapeutic approaches for the management of Parkinson’s and related disorders including Botox injections for muscular dystonias.

National Parkinson’s Foundation

Dystonia Foundation



Multiple Sclerosis can affect anyone of any age, but it is most common in young adults. Modern diagnostic studies including Head MRI scan imaging have made it possible to diagnose Multiple Sclerosis with much greater accuracy, certainty, and precision. There have also been breakthrough advances in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis including medications to halt or slow the progression of the disease as well as management programs for relief and management of the symptoms and signs.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society



Epilepsy affects an estimated one and a half million Americans. For many years the therapeutic options were limited to only a handfull of anticonvulsant medications. However, within the past three to five years, the number of therapeutic agents has nearly doubled improving both the efficacy of the medications and the side-effect profiles. There are also new surgical approaches to the management of epilepsy including vagus nerve stimulators and brain mapping for ablation procedures.

Epilepsy Foundation of America



The American Academy of Neurology and the National Institute of Neurologic Disorders.

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Dr. Weimer accepts Medicare and most private, PPO, and Point of Service insurance plans. Insurance plans and benefit packages change constantly, so please feel free to check with our office staff should you have any questions.

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