Growth Hormone and Anti Aging Therapy

Somatropin, also known as recombinant human growth hormone or HGH, is a drug that is commonly used to enhance physical attributes and performance. It is a man-made form of somatotropin, also known as GH or growth hormone, a substance that human body produces naturally. Somatropin is an exact duplicate of natural GH.

HGH has three primary effects that bodybuilders and athletes want to have. For starters, the growth of new muscle cells is promoted by HGH. Genetics determine how many muscle cells a person has.
Once puberty ends, the level of GH secreted by the body decreases and the development of muscle cells ends. At that point, the only way to increase the size of these cells is through weight training.

HGH differs from steroids in that the size of muscle cells increase when steroids are used, mostly due to water weight. People using HGH to enhance their performance will add only lean muscle mass. Normally the weight gain occurs slowly, with one or two pounds of lean muscle being added every 2-3 weeks. But if a person takes HGH and develops new muscle cells, it is possible to modify his/her genetic capabilities to attain results that would be impossible without HGH treatment.

The second thing that HGH treatment does is to increase energy and metabolism. The human body naturally produces GH, and its levels peak during youth and puberty. The high energy levels that children enjoy are mostly caused by it. But as a person gets older, the amount of GH that his/her body produces and secretes decreases.

You can have more energy and a higher metabolism if you take HGH as a supplement. It can help you feel energized and burn fat. As a matter of fact, HGH is a forerunner to IGF-1 while HGH secretion results in IGF-1 secretion. IGF-1 makes the body get its energy from fat reserves instead of food being consumed. This causes significant weight loss to occur, even when a person is inactive.

The third thing that HGH treatment does is to shorten the amount of time necessary to recover between workouts. It is able to heal damaged tissue and strengthen joints and ligaments. Plus, it is not as easy to detect as other drugs that enhance performance because it is a natural substance.

Pharmaceutically, HGH is utilized in the treatment of a variety of conditions, one of which is GH deficiency. It is most frequently prescribed by endocrinologists to treat children suffering from retarded or deficient growth. The FDA has approved HGH treatment for this purpose. Anyone who wants to use it may to buy HGH online.

Many people believe that those who use HGH experience abnormal growth of their bones. This is a misconception. Once puberty comes to an end, the long bones fuse and cannot grow any more.

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