How to Deal with Arthritis Pain. Alternative Methods


Studies show that food and arthritis are related. Eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, and low in fats and sugar is helpful and important. When treating arthritic patients, blood tests for the control of sugar levels and cholesterol can be ordered by physicians. When you consume a lot of water, the body is assisted in the cleansing of toxins, and is kept healthy.

One popular treatment to relieve arthritis pain is to take a hot bath, usually before bedtime (since arthritis pain is greater when we are still or asleep). We can bathe in hot water alone, or add bubble bath, or use Epsom salts to relieve joint pain. Mud or eucalyptus leaves can also be added to bath water.  It is necessary to remain inside the hot water for 30 minutes, to fully relax your muscles.

Many people find that sunbathing or having a soak in a sauna is helpful.  While they can help relieve the pain and stiffness, exercise caution. Always check your blood pressure before enjoying a sauna, and always use sunscreen when you are exposed to the sun.

Many people find that taking high doses of Vitamin C are helpful in relieving arthritis pain. Just be sure to follow the directions on the label, or your doctor’s instructions. Increasing your vitamin C intake can improve your immune system and help you fight against sickness.

Alternative medication attempts to relieve arthritis pain with methods such as homeopathy, herbs, aromatherapy or acupuncture.  Each person should try any reasonable remedy to help relieve their pain, but prior to using each remedy, be sure to do the proper investigation since results of these types of treatments can vary.

Chamomile, juniper, lavender, or eucalyptus, and many other herbs are available to help arthritis pain. Compresses can be made from these herbs, and mixed with oils, to be applied to the affected areas.

Some fruit drinks, such as orange juice with cod liver oil, cranberry juice, or drinking lemon juice three times a day, may also help relieve arthritis pain. A diet that contains many vegetables and fruits will also help.

We look forward to the ideal medicine to relieve arthritis pain, or better yet, an eventual cure.  In the meantime, we will give any safe remedy a try, because living with pain is hardly better than not living at all.

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