Looking for fitness friends…

Hi Everyone!
My name is baybe, and I am 39, female, & happily married with children. I live in Pennsylvania. I have been studying fitness and nutrition for years. Studying it, is the easy part…applying it to my lifestyle is where the problems come in with me.

I have a gym membership, and everything at my fingertips…I lack motivation. I have tried everything from every diet book you can imagine to hiring a personal trainer.

I know one of these days, it’s just going to “click” for me. And I hope when it does, I have an online buddy to share it with.

Hi B,
I’ve found that having a friend to check up on is working. So far, I’ve been doing the Atkins diet since Jan1, and have lost 11 pounds! I have my own treadmill, weights, elastic bands, ball, and the little extras, and having the website for how to do Atkins, along with the Fitness Heaven website for the exercises, and today I found another with recipes for low-carb meals and snacks, the only thing missing are a few more buddies to go along on the journey! Keep in touch and tell me what kind of diet and fitness program you are doing…

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