Where to Start

The first step to your purchase is to gain a realistic grasp of your skill level and what kind of improvements you are hoping to make. Skis and boots come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed with the users ability level in mind. In simple terms, beginner and intermediate equipment will be more forgiving and user-friendly, while and expert or race gear will perform at a much higher level with less love for in-experienced riders. It’s similar to the difference between a petting zoo pony ride and a bull ride at the rodeo. Read more

How to Avoid Wrongly Classifying Employees

With workers calling themselves, and often demanding to be treated as, independent contractors, and the IRS obviously preferring the increased taxes payable by the employer, our lawmakers continue to drag their feet defining what an independent contractor is. So, how can any fitness operation hope to avoid wrongly classifying its workers? Or, if independent contractors already play an important role in the fitness operation, how can any owner or manager hope to escape that potentially expensive reclassification of workers? Read more

When Clients Complain of Fatigue. Part 3

Exercise improves sleep quality

Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly fall asleep more quickly and spend more of the night in deep sleep than their sedentary peers. These benefits are found in people of all ages, even older adults who, as a group, tend to experience more problems with sleep and fatigue. Read more

When Clients Complain of Fatigue. Part 2

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a rare but often debilitating illness. Its symptoms include not only long-term fatigue (fatigue lasting for at least 30 days) but muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes, and other flu-like symptoms such as a sore throat. CFS is not well understood and is often misdiagnosed. Read more

When Clients Complain of Fatigue. Part 1

“It seems like I’m tired all the time. I get a lot done during the day, but if I stop moving and ask myself how I’m feeling, the answer is usually ‘tired.’ I checked with my doctor, and she couldn’t find anything wrong. I just need to learn how to pace myself and get more rest. I can’t remember the last time I woke up feeling refreshed and rested. Read more

Hiring for Success, Part 2

The interview process

Prepare for the interview by writing down questions. You can develop questions for each position and use them repeatedly as an outline for all interviews. In addition to technical and skill-oriented questions, use situational, open-ended questions to elicit more honest and telling information than simple yes/no questions. Ask questions that seek examples of the qualities you initially listed as being important for the position. Read more

Hiring for Success, Part 1

Adlai Stevenson once said, “There are only three rules of sound management: pick good people, tell them not to cut corners and back them to the limits. But remember, picking good people is the most important.” Read more

Leigh’s Journal: Week 8. Part 2

Thank you for warning me about vacation rebound. I may indulge some. I do have my “free day.” I will try to schedule eating activities around it. The first week we will be in a condo, so cooking will be convenient. For the four days we are traveling I have already purchased the best complete meal bars I could find. These will help me to re-establish pattern consistency on days when meals will probably be extremely erratic. Read more

Leigh’s Journal: Week 8. Part 1

Well, I can’t believe it happened with the way I have been eating, but I lost half of a pound. My choices have still been sound. I have just abandoned my six small meals a day and as a result I have overeaten all week. My vacation starts on Sunday and I will pick up food journals and planing and get back on track with my patterns. Read more

Paula’s Journal

I cannot believe another week has gone by already! Another 1.5 pounds gone. At least I am consistent!

I had another good week. I exercised five times and did a weight workout two times. I will try to get three weight workouts in starting next week. I think the key to that is to do the first one on Friday or Saturday and that leaves some flexibility to get my other two in during the week. Read more