Simple Steps to Better Health, Part 1

Many people think they have to do complicated things to attain good or at least better, health. To tell the truth, if you organize properly, living REALLY well is easy. The problem is society doesn’t support easy, as well as healthy living, so you have to take responsibility (yikes!) for your health and well being.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to enhance your health and well being:

Select better foods
Drink water
Open the channels of elimination
Let’s start with the word “responsibility.” When you see that word, do you feel empowered or fearful? When you think of taking responsibility for your health do you hear/see, “one more burden”?

With the correct understanding, taking responsibility for your health could give you a feeling of empowerment. If you are aware that you are already accountable for your choices and their consequences, either through great health or through sickness, then you already know that you are responsible and accountable. (Incidentally, saying you don’t have a choice, is a choice.)

Now, for many people, any one of the following will make a significant difference in how they feel. What you may realize as you read this, is that all these steps go hand-in-hand for increased health. Good food, conscious movement, enough of the proper fluids and elimination equals a healthier human being. Simple!

1) Select better foods.

a) The best way, of course, is to take your own food whenever possible. That way, you know the quality and, depending on where you buy it, how long it’s been around, whether it was shipped or grown locally, when it was harvested, the amount of processing, etc.

b) Choose more raw foods. The less processed, the better.

Heating and processing destroy the nutritive value of the foods. The more live or living (sprouted) foods you eat, the more enzymes (which help the digestive and all other processes) and the more nutrition. My experience is, that when the body is nourished, there is not so much craving for poorer quality foods, caffeine, nicotine, etc. The Chinese have a saying, which I’ll paraphrase: “Focus on the good to eliminate the bad.” This is the only body you have. Why continue to be responsible for its de-generation when you can be responsible for its re-generation?

For instance, it doesn’t take much more, if any, time to select foods from the produce area of your supermarket than it does from the rest of the store. After you learn how to prepare them, you will find that it takes less time to do that and to sit down and eat, than it does to order take-out or delivery. If you get your family involved in slicing and dicing, your benefits will increase even more as you will possibly open some channels of communication.

I would suggest getting a book on raw food preparation so that you can learn to create more than just a run-of-the-mill salad. My favorite at the present time is “The Raw Gourmet” (rawgourmet. com) by Nomi Shannon.

For example, with sprouted sunflower seeds or almonds, you can make a pate. With many other vegetables and a juicer, blender and/or food processor, you can make raw soups, entrees, desserts, dips and dressings. I can make a raw pie in approximately 30 minutes using almonds, figs, dates and raisins for the crust (you can use many combinations if you don’t like these particular seeds and fruits), then top with peaches, apples, pears, berries, mango or any other fruit in season.

c) The less animal products the better.

In this country, we get way more protein, less fiber and nutrition than many other less “advanced” nations.

With the “high protein” diets again running rampant in this country, expect to see more people having kidney, liver, gall bladder, stomach cancer, heart, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, stroke and digestive disorders. A woman I know recently came into an establishment I was in, and was bragging about having lost 15 pounds in two weeks.

Naturally, all the women’s ears turned to find out her “success” story. She said she was on a high protein diet where she could eat all the meat, eggs, dairy, etc., she wanted. Not being able to keep myself out of this.

I said something to the effect that, it’s not a program you can live on. She stated it had worked for her mother for 25 years. I asked if her mother was still alive. No. And how old was she when she died? Sixty-five. And from what did she die? (Had to be massive heart attack, stroke or kidney failure.) It was the first, possibly complicated by the latter.

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