Simple Steps to Better Health, Part 2

What people don’t realize is, all live foods contain protein. If you eat a variety of live foods and their juices, it is virtually impossible to not get enough protein. The only people who don’t get enough protein in their diets in this country would pretty much have to be on a mono (one food only) diet, anorexic or bulimic, or live on pastries and sodas.

d) Add more raw juices

Sorry to say, but most juices you will find in health food stores have been heated. This kills most nutrients and enzymes. Yes, they are better than sodas, yet, if you are looking for the highest nourishment possible, get a juicer and juice your own. Even with the worst quality juicer and even if you save the juice for a few hours (although you “should” drink it immediately), you’ll be receiving more nutrition and enzymes than from a bottled drink. As far as juice bars go, frozen is better than heated, although you still don’t know the quality (is it organic or unsprayed? how long has it been around?) of the fruit or vegetables being used.

I like to juice first thing in the morning although whenever you can is, of course, best. As I have a high-quality juicer, I can keep my juice for (they say) up to five days. Depending on the juice, I would never keep it longer than three days and usually drink it in two. I make about 4-5 quarts at a time, which saves time as I only juice 2-3 times per week instead of every day. There are faster juicers, yet they heat and oxidize (add more oxygen to) the juices, thus making them bio-energetically unavailable in a short while which means they should be drunk very shortly after making.

2) Move!

The second thing is to move! An aerobic exercise along with conscious movement is ideal.

I understand many people have very physical jobs, yet that is usually not enough. My father was a construction worker. His expertise was in paving and excavating. He moved a lot while doing hard, manual labor, yet died of a heart attack at the age of 50. Part of the problem was he was a “meat and potatoes” man. Even though he received a handful of vitamins from my mother every day, it obviously was not enough. (FYI — vitamins are inorganic substances that the body does not recognize. The body was made to eat organic substances or live and living foods).

By conscious movement, I mean yoga and qigong (chi kung or chi gong). (By the way, t’ai chi ch’uan is a form of qigong, so it is included here). After walking or some other more strenuous exercise, slow, conscious movement is extremely beneficial. It slowly stretches the already warmed muscles, and connects the body/mind/spirit to bring a peaceful awareness. It can also eliminate some otherwise not-so-healthy habits.

One of my t’ai chi ch’uan students once mentioned to me that t’aiji was interfering with her smoking. She had gone from two packs a day to a 1/2 a pack without even thinking about it.

Now, if you knew some short chi kung forms, and instead of lighting up, you did one or two movements, inhaling and exhaling, what do you think might happen? A couple of nice things about qigong are, you can do it anywhere and you don’t need to wear any special clothing.

Physical movement also assists the body in moving the organs, which include the lymph glands. As the other pumps in the body, besides the heart, the joints need to be moved so they can assist in siphoning off the toxic residue that is collected in the lymph.

3) Water, water, water

Most people are now aware that they should drink water, yet I very often work with people who obviously aren’t drinking enough. For instance:

I called a woman a while back and she told me she couldn’t get out of the house because her hip was hurting so badly.

I went to her home, had her lay on her stomach preparing to do some bodywork. As I put my hand on her left kidney, I asked what side was hurting. Her left.

I asked how much water she drank a day. Her answer: “Oh, the usual.” Which is? “Well, I drink a pot of tea in the morning and that’s it.” She also told me she hadn’t had a bowel movement in three days.

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